The End of GarbageTM

EcoHub represents the end of garbage, and the beginning of a day when refuse is turned into resources and opportunity. These resources will create new jobs, improve communities, and provide economic development for millions around the globe.


EcoHub 100% Recycling™

Unlike the world’s current approach to garbage handling, EcoHub views 100% of the waste stream as a resource. That is why we collect every piece of trash in one single bin – no longer do you have to separate plastics or cardboard from food waste, we can do all of that for you.


Our sustainable product manufacturing process repurposes nearly 100% of the waste stream into value-added products. By placing the focus on putting every piece of garbage to its highest and best use, EcoHub delivers benefit to both the economy and the environment.


This is the beginning of a movement – an Environmental Revolution that changes the way the world consumes and reuses resources. Our goal is to create a waste freeTM world.

EcoHub’s Closed Loop System

EcoHub has developed a truly virtuous cycle that leverages multiple technologies to transform nearly every item in the waste stream into new, sustainable products.


This proven process of circular integration has multiple patents and is fully-guaranteed – separating solid waste into 30+ reusable feedstock categories.


The closed-loop is the ultimate form of sustainability and the least environmentally damaging collection path – delivering finished products back to community that are then reused and eventually returned to EcoHub to begin the process again.


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    EcoHub is an environmental revolution, fundamentally changing the industry by introducing the world’s first single-bin, closed-loop system for separating, manufacturing and repurposing up to 100% of the waste stream into value-added products.

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